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weddings 11 January 2023

    Getting a photographer to capture every memory from your wedding day is important, but often this means a lot of posing for the ‘perfect’ photo. However real life isn’t always perfect. Even though your big day is a special event where everything is likely to look beautiful, you don’t want an obsession with ‘perfection’ to get in the way of capturing the fun and exciting atmosphere!! Today we’ve collected some suggestions on how to make sure your wedding photos depict the day for what it really was: an energetic celebration of life and love!


    Some of the best memories of amazing nights out aren’t actually from the event itself, but from beforehand when you and all your girlfriends were getting ready, bubbling with the anticipation of what’s to come. So why not invite your photographer along to the pre-wedding preparation to snap up a few shots of the very start of the journey.


    Your wedding party is made up of a group of people you care for the most – the people you trust to guide you through the day with support and love.  Which is why they’ll be more than willing to get into any fun, whacky, or downright crazy pose you ask!  Try out some of the following poses for some cute and quirky memories, or even just to test the athletic ability of your bridal party in their formal attire.


    Sure, fake glasses and novelty stick-on moustaches don’t exactly scream bridal chic, but don’t paint all props and dress ups with the same tacky brush. Chalkboards, glitzy 1920s style jewellery or even colourful smoke bombs can be a lot of fun! If you’re still not convinced then remember this: One of the sweetest, most romantic scenes in Breakfast at Tiffany’s involved Audrey Hepburn putting on a cartoon cat mask and running around town with her gorgeous neighbour.


    The best photos are usually candid and ‘action shots’, photos taken with the subject unaware they were even being observed, completely absorbed in the task at hand. For instance, capturing the face of the groom as his bride walks down the aisle is one of the purest embodiments of joy in human form, because the only thing in the world he’s focused on is her. If you’re always conscious of being photographed then you’re always going to look a little unnatural, so let go of your worries and forget about the photographer for a while!

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